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FULL SERVICE GROOM My service includes, complete brush out, shampoo, conditioner, nails trimmed or buffed, hand blow dry, ears cleaned and plucked if necessary, sanitation trim, Facial wash, leaves your pooches face smelling like blueberry-vanilla.. 


(Up to 10 pounds)

 Full Service Groom -

  •  $65-$75 


( 15-45pounds)

 Full Service Groom -

  • $85 & UP*

Call for a Quote*

Please note I do not groom dogs over 45 pounds. I am a small breed groomer only. 

*All telephone quotes are estimates and can only be confirmed after initial examination of your pet's condition and the time allotment required to complete the services that you request. Minimum service call is $50.00. Remember that while I'm working on your pets they always have my full attention.


DE-MATTING AND MATT SHAVING - Additional $10.00 - $20.00 charge for combing out a lightly matted coat. I do not offer a de-matting service on severely matted coats, as I find the practice to be cruel and can traumatize the dog making it fear grooming and be aggressive on future visits. The only option is to shave severely matted coats. When shaving matted coats it is very easy to nick the dogs skin or shave off hidden warts, sores, and scabs. So that is why I use extreme care to avoid this from happening. 


The benefit of using my mobile business is that I am the only one that grooms your pet. I understand that emergencies do occur and I am often lenient in those cases. If for some reason you need to cancel your grooming appointment I need at least a 24 hour notice so I can attempt to rebook the appointment. If this policy is not taken in place I will have to charge a fee for the time I have lost. 


In the winter the weather and roads are so hazardous for me to pull a trailer on I will need to reschedule your appointment. I make every effort to avoid this and only in severe weather and wind I may need to reschedule. 

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